Frequently Asked Questions


When you purchase a Perfect Start Package, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a special coupon code that lets you book your two Follow-Up sessions for $0.00. If you can’t find your code, please Contact Me and I’ll be happy to help!

Force-free dog training is all about using positive reinforcement to reward behaviours you want and prevent the ones you don’t. It’s a friendly approach that builds a strong bond with your dog with the use of reinforcers like treats, praise, toys, and consistency. By communicating effectively without any harsh methods, like physical punishment or negativity, you’ll strengthen your bond and build trust with your furry friend.

Force-free training is effective in addressing any behaviour issues that arise with your pet, including common challenges such as basic manners (sit, stay, come), leash manners and more complex issues like separation anxiety, socialization, fear, anxiety, and aggression.

It really depends! It’s impossible to give a definitive answer because there are a lot of factors to consider. Like, your training goals, how long your dog has been practicing any unwanted behaviours, how much time and effort you can consistently put into training, how fast your dog picks up on things, and how motivated they are.

My main goal is to help you understand how your dog thinks, learns, and sees the world. That way, you’ll feel confident working with them on your own without always needing a trainer around. This usually means we can keep the number of sessions needed to a minimum.

Most of my clients find the Perfect Start Package works best. It includes 3 discounted sessions packed with tons of info and guidance right from the first session. It gives you time to process everything and start making changes and then have chances for follow-up to check in and keep things on track. Of course, you can also just buy single sessions as you need them.

Every dog learns at their own pace, just like people do. The speed at which your dog learns and improves depends on their individual learning processes and how consistently you apply what you’ve learned during our training sessions. Understanding your dog’s behaviours and gaining insight into how they learn best will accelerate your progress – and that’s my goal! I aim to equip you with the tools and knowledge to confidently work with your dog without a trainer present. With patience and a clear training approach, you’ll soon see significant change in your dog.

Yes please! My approach is all about showing YOU how your dog thinks, learns, and sees the world. That way, you’ll feel totally comfortable working with them on your own. Plus: dogs aren’t great at generalizing, so just because they learn something with me doesn’t mean they’ll automatically get it with you. The real key to your dog’s success is how well you two communicate with each other! I’m confident I can help your dog, and I want you to feel confident too!


Yes, I only accept bookings for paid clients. For your convenience, I accept the most common forms of payment (credit cards, PayPal, Apple pay, Google pay and more!)


Due to the nature of my products (made to order) and services (knowledge-based), I do have limitations on returns. Please check out the Terms & Conditions for detailed information.


Miss B’s custom-made products are printed and shipped by trusted partners across the US and Canada.

Pet Stuff: Produced and shipped from facilities in the US (shipping to US usually within a week, to Canada usually within 2 weeks but can be up to 30 days in exceptions).

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Miss B carefully selects the nearest print partner to ensure swift delivery times for all orders. You will receive tracking information once it is available.

*I design all of the items in Miss B’s Pet Shop myself. As a small business, I do not have time, equipment or a facility to manufacture on my own. Thank you for choosing to support my small business even though it takes a bit longer than Amazon!*