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Check off any current vaccinations that your pet has. Proof may be requested.
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I confirm that I own the pet(s) or I was given authority by the owner for taking ownership of the pet(s).
I confirm that these pet(s) are currently in good health condition, other than any conditions noted above.
I confirm that my pet(s) have complete and up to date vaccinations.
I acknowledge that my pet(s) should be wearing a collar and ID tags during all training sessions with Miss Behaviour YEG.
I confirm that my pet(s) do not have fleas or any other communicable disease.
I confirm that my pet(s) have never severely bitten a human or other animal (severely means broken skin, usually with stitches required).
I agree that Miss Behaviour YEG may take my pet(s) off the premises for on-leash walks, which involves an inherent risk of injury, sickness, damage, accident or death of my pet(s).
I release Miss Behaviour YEG, its employees, and owners from any liabilities not limited to injury, sickness, damage, accident, or death of my pet(s) during training sessions, while in Miss Behaviour YEG's care, on or off the premises.
I confirm that a guardian of legal age will be present and participate in all training sessions with Miss Behaviour YEG.
I understand that Miss Behaviour YEG is a force-free trainer and further agree not to use any aversive training tools such as, but not limited to choke chains, pinch collars, spray bottles, shock or e-collars etc.
I hereby grant Miss Behaviour YEG and its representatives the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use, reproduce, and publish photographs and/or videos of my pet, taken during any activities, events, or services, for promotional, educational, or any other lawful purposes without compensation. I understand and agree that these images and/or videos may be used in various materials, including but not limited to social media, websites, promotional materials, advertisements, and other publications. I further acknowledge that Miss Behaviour YEG owns all rights to these images and/or videos and may use them in any lawful manner without further approval from or compensation to me. I hereby release and discharge Miss Behaviour YEG and its representatives from any and all claims, liabilities, demands, actions, causes of action, costs, and expenses, at law or in equity, whether known or unknown, arising out of or in connection with the use of the images and/or videos.
I confirm that this waiver is valid for a period of one year unless I and Miss Behaviour YEG agree to terminate it at an earlier date.
I affirm that I am at least 18 years of age, or if I am under 18 years of age, that I am submitting this release with the knowledge and consent of my parent or legal guardian.
I confirm that all information I entered in this form is true and accurate.
I confirm that I have reviewed and understand the Terms & Conditions.
By typing your name above, you agree that you are legally bound by this waiver and all contents herein.

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